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Terms & Conditions:

1. Before using Jump N Fun, you shall read the Rules of Play carefully

2. By your participation, you accept any risk of which a reasonable person should be aware of. You are responsible for any child under your supervision and accept all these risks and terms and conditions of use on their behalf.

3. You shall respect and follow any verbal or written instructions or warnings given to you by Jump N Fun operators without objection.

4. You must not use the play area if you are suffering from any medical condition reason which may impair your ability to use or place you at risk while playing in Jump N Fun,

5. While playing in Jump N Fun, you must act responsibly for your safety, others safety and Jump N Fun's safety.

6. You shall use the safety equipment provided to you while playing in Jump N Fun.

7. You are responsible for your own property.

8. Jump N Fun will provide you with safe and enjoyable experience, however neither the company nor the operator shall be liable for any loss or damage of the personal property or fatality or personal injury or pain or discomfort to any person.

9. In case of any emergency situation, the guests should cooperate with the operator to reach safe place.

10. The guests should not tamper/damage the equipment during the time of play. If found guilty, disciplinary actions will be taken accordingly.